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Center for Medicine and Public Health

The Center for Medicine and Public Health is dedicated to bridging the historic divide between the fields of medicine and public health, while improving the shared understanding of the unified nature of “health,” and the continuum of prevention (from primary prevention to secondary and tertiary prevention). Both medicine and public health embrace a shared value of preventing and alleviating human suffering. This vision will be achieved through promoting the intersection of medicine and public health at all levels of practice (federal, state, and local), via research, education, policy change, and service.
In summary, the Center for Medicine and Public Health seeks to actively promote the integration of medicine and public health, to achieve more optimal and equitable health outcomes for all at the levels of the individual (patients and free-range humans), the community, and the entire population. Read more

In the Spotlight

  • What accounted for success stories in America‚Äôs health over the past half-century? Was it research breakthroughs? Public Health interventions? Medical Care?

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  • In the state of Olancho in Central Honduras, Dr. German Jimenez is a living example of integrating medicine and public health.

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  • In 1854, John Snow helped end a cholera epidemic by mapping the disease outbreak, identifying its source, and convincing community leaders to intervene by disabling a contaminated water pump; Today, .

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