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Marianna Rural Program

Travis Bontager

Charles Harrison

Brittany Kalbac

Wes Tindell 

The Faculty and Staff of the Marianna Rural Medical Education Program and the Administration of Jackson Hospital are pleased to announced the members of the Class of 2018 who will comprise the second class of the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LIC).  The announcements were made during the annual Mini-Match, held on September 2, 2015, in the FSU College of Medicine Atrium.

In the Spotlight

  • Dr. Mitchell Whitehead (Class of 2014), Dr. Mark Akerson, Amanda Gilbertsen (Class of 2016) and Dr. John Spence

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  • Dr. Teresa Goodpaster, Dr. Stacy Harbin, Dr. Richard Goff and Shaun Hoenstine.

  • 3rd Year medical students Hanna Lee, Amanda Gilbertsen, Casey Burnette with Dr. Dan Van Durme, Dr. Anthony C Speights, Mollie Hill and guest.

  • Alexander Schrodt, Amanda Gilbertsen, Dr. Anthony Speights, and Rachel Rackard.

  • Robert Moore, Amanda Gilbertsen and Blake Davis

  • Dr. Steven Spence, Clerkship Administrator - Marianna, Whitney Whitfield, Jennifer Rowe, Rachel Rackard, and Blake Davis.

  • Larry Meese,CEO at Jackson Hospital, Dr. Ronald Hartsfield, Dean of the Tallahassee Regional Campus, Dr. Alma Littles, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and Academic Affairs, and Dr.

  • Alexander Schrodt, Megan Walley, Jennifer Rowe, Amanda Gilbertsen, Whitney Whitfield, Dr. Steven Spence, Rachel Rackard, SCP Student Travis Bontrager, and Blake Davis.

  • Alexander Schrodt, Whitney Whitfield, and Jennifer Rowe.

  • John Turner with guest at Match.

  • Kathleen Burns at Match.

  • Keniel Pierre with Dr. Steven Spence at Match.

  • Dr. Robin Albritton, Class of 2007, instructs our student Keniel Pierre in his Chronic Care Clerkship rotation.

  • 3rd Year Orientation dinner in the Osceola Room at the University Club overlooking the football stadium.

  • 3rd year medical students Joshua Burns, Adam Baptiste, Megan Walley, Alexander Schrodt, and guest.

  • Dr. Alma Littles with members of the Class of 2016, Alexander Schrodt, Amanda Gilbertsen, Megan Walley, and Shaun Hoenstine.

  • Dr. Murray Baker, Dr. Ron Hartsfield and Dr. Alma Littles.

  • Dr. Dan Van Durme with John Turner.

  • Keniel Pierre, John Turner, and Kathleen Burns at the meet and greet at Jackson Hospital.

  • Dr. Jon Fogarty, Megan Walley, Alexander Schrodt, Amanda Gilbertson, Shaun Hoenstine, and Dr. Alma Littles at the Marianna Reception at Jackson Hospital.

  • Dr. Steven Spence, Megan Walley, Alexander Schrodt, Amanda Gilbertson, Shaun Hoenstine, and Dr. Ron Hartsfield.

  • Dr. Steven Spence, with wife Jennifer and Dr. Ron Hartsfield

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  • Meet and greet new incoming Class of 2015 in Marianna!

Contact Information

Anthony C. Speights, M.D.:
Director of Rural Medical Education
Florida State University
Marianna Rural Program
College of Medicine
1115 West Call Street
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Phone: 850-645-3805
Fax: 850-645-2859

Ronald Hartsfield, M.D.:
Dean, Tallahassee Regional Campus
Florida State University
Marianna Rural Program
College of Medicine
3331 Capital Oaks Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Phone: (850) 645-1232
Fax: (850) 645-1229

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