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Alumni Reunion 2017

Celebrating PIMS classes of T-’77, T-’82, T-’87, T-’92 and T-’97;
and College of Medicine classes of 2007 and 2012.

All alumni are welcome!


Watch for periodic Medical Alumni Reunion emails from the College of Medicine with details about the weekend. If you are currently not receiving these emails, send your name and current email address to, call (850) 645-9428, or update your alumni profile information here

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Class Name
PIMS T-'76 Richard Sheridan

PIMS T-'77
Gordon Burtch
David Deci
Wendy Myers Dunn
Dave Jolkovsky
John Melvin
Celeste Paquette
PIMS T-'78 Rudolf Hehn
PIMS T-'81 Richard Adkins

PIMS T-'82
Susan (Bonkemeyer) Millan
Terry Millan
Paul Murray
Philip Troyer
PIMS T-'83 Paul Deci
Floyd Jaggears
PIMS T-'85 George Bernardo

PIMS T-'87
Marianne (Patsch) Fleming
Tracey Hellgren
Jace Provo
Timothy Scott Strickland
Joseph Sechler
Paula Stoudenmire Drummond
PIMS T-'92 Sergio Dalsania
Class of 2005

Christie Alexander

Class of 2006 Matthew Lee
Stephanie Lee
Nick Seeliger

Class of 2007
Robin Albritton
Roberto Gonzalez
Adam Langley
Hope McLean
Courtney Nall
Josef Plum
Erica Stich Rogers
Kristen Shepherd
Gary Visser
Rebecca (Nickerson) Williams
Brandy Willis

Class of 2012

Sareh Dyer
Joseph Lesnick
Brandon Mauldin
Michelle Miller
Mary-Beatrice P. Squire

Campus Deans

Bruce Berg (SAR)
Luckey Dunn (DAY)
J. Fogarty
Ron Hartsfield (TLH)
Juliette Lomax-Homier (FTP)
Paul McLeod (PEN)
Michael Muszynski (ORL)