New Rural Medicine Clerkship Administrator

JD Byrd

Pensacola alumni Dr. John (JD) Byrd, a 2014 graduate of the FSU COM class of 2014, has returned to the college to take up the mantle of Clerkship Administrator for the Marianna Rural Medical Education Program. He is following in the footsteps of Dr. Steven Spence, who served in that role for the previous 14 years. Dr. Spence said of his former student, “He started his 3rd-year clinical rotations on Internal Medicine with me as his faculty. He saw the first patient on the first day – he was able to give me a thorough yet concise presentation with a developed assessment and plan. All I could think was, ‘Wow, this is going to be a great rotation!’ By the end of the rotation, I told JD that he is the only medical student that I have worked with that was ahead of me for the same stage of training. Typical of JD, he was humble and said that was not true. When he did his sub-internship in Pensacola, the IM clerkship director called to give me a compliment for how good a job I did with JD. All I could say was, ‘He came to me that good, but thanks.’”

Join us in welcoming Dr. Byrd back to the FSU College of Medcine.