Health information technology aims to increase HPV and other recommended adolescent vaccination rates in central and north Florida

Three doctors

iKids Pediatrics is a private, physician-owned and operated pediatric clinic located in East Orlando, founded by Dr. Marcia Gayoso in 2009. The clinic expanded a few years later, when Dr. Benjamin-Arias and Heather Ashler, ARNP joined the clinic team. The practice became a member of the FSU College of Medicine Network for Clinical Research and Training (NCRT)  in 2016, when they became actively engaged in the implementation of the OneFlorida HPV vaccination project – a four part research study designed to improve adolescent vaccination rates.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines have the potential to prevent an average of approximately 27,000 cancer cases each year in the US. Yet, vaccination rates remain low. This OneFlorida study is a part of a National Cancer Institute-funded (R21) project developed by principal investigator, Dr. Stephanie Staras, from the University of Florida, College of Medicine. This project aims to enhance a health information technology (HIT) system used in pediatric clinics to identify parent hesitations about vaccines and address concerns through discussions with their child’s provider. Early phases of this study focused on optimizing workflow integration within each clinic and transforming the application based on parent and provider feedback – all in an effort to improve the efficiency and use of the HIT system in the pediatric office setting. Currently, usability testing is underway at participating clinics, including iKids, in order to pilot test the latest HIT prototype. The final phase of the study will be a 6-month feasibility trial, which is scheduled to launch in  2018.