Medical Student Research: Physician Quality in Nursing Homes

Jeanah Kim

Dr. Paul KatzJeanah Kim, M2 student, worked with Department of Geriatrics' chair Dr. Paul Katz to test the feasibility of thirty-seven physician quality measures. These quality measures were previously vetted by an international expert panel from a larger set believed to indicate the quality of care administered by medical providers in nursing homes. Using a data collection manual developed by the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Jeanah performed retrospective chart reviews on patient charts from Westminster Oaks. Her data will add to the analysis that hopefully will develop the Physician Quality Score to be used in nursing homes nationwide. Jeanah's project was sponsored by the FSU CoM Office of Research Summer Fellowship and CABHI. To view Jeanah's poster, click here. To learn more about this project and initiative, click here. Jeanah Kim Research Poster