Geriatrics faculty quoted in articles on aging

Artwork Credit Mike Lemanski

We all are aware of our chronological age, but how old we feel may be a different story. In the New York Times article "You're Only as Old as You Feel", Dr. Terracciano commented on the power of this question. Often those who feel younger than their chronological age are healthier and more psychologically resilient. The research around this concept is mostly based on associations between how old people feel and their health status, so cause and effect cannot yet be established. However, asking such a question may help doctors identify who is most at risk for health problems. Read the full article here.

Dr. Terracciano was also consulted for the Medscape article "Do Personality Traits in Teems Indicate Future Dementia Risk?" This article highlighted a recent study assessing personality traits from a national sample of over 80,000 high school students in 1960 and linking them to Medicare claims data for 2011-2015. Calmness, maturity, and vigor were all predictive of lower risk for later dementia, but only among those with higher socioeconomic status. Commenting on the study, Dr. Terracciano stated, "Considerable changes [occur] over 50 years, and it is truly impressive to find any associations...My number one message for practicing clinicians is to spend additional time speaking with older patients about cognitive and functional decline, especially changes in memory, executive function, and language." Find the full article here.

Artwork credit Mike Lemanski.