COVID-19 Resources for Older Adults


COVID-19 has certainly caused fear and concern for everyone, especially older adults in our communities. Fortunately, Tallahassee has access to excellent resources right here in our community designed to help older adults with their specific needs. Below are local resources grouped by needs, and we at the FSU College of Medicine’s Department of Geriatrics hope you stay well and stay connected!

Food Resources:

Errand Running Service

  • Tally Angels – volunteer-run group available to help individuals that do not feel safe or are not able to leave their house get groceries, pet food, cleaning supplies, and medications (if someone's pharmacy allows), no charge for the services, just the cost of products purchased, which will be dropped on the doorstep: 850-583-0230

Social and Mental Health Support

  • Tallahassee Senior Center UPSLIDE Program - telephone or video-based counseling for depression, loneliness, becoming more socially engaged, and developing healthy coping skills and habits; if you are 50+ and want more information, contact Melanie Lachman, LCSW: 850-891-4066
  • AARP Friendly Voices – allows people to request a call from a volunteer to just chat and connect: 1-888-281-0145
  • Centers for Disease Control – advise on how to work through stress and take care of yourself

Dementia Care Support Telephone and Online Resources

  • Alzheimer’s Project - offering regularly scheduled support groups, counseling, and dementia care consultation services to clients over the phone: 850-386-2778
  • Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline - answered day or night by trained dementia specialists offering support, information, referrals, or care consultations; available in 200 different languages: 1-800-272-3900
  • ALZConnected – online support group available 24/7

COVID-19 Scams

  • Office of the Attorney General – the Attorney General is warning Floridians to only use secure sites when looking for COVID-19 information; refer to this resource or Federal Trade Commission to avoid scammers

Additionally, the National Council on Aging hosts a site to help you find resources on many other potential needs at