Student Scholarship Awarded


Oct. 7, 2021

Thanks to our many generous donors, for the tenth year, the FSU College of Medicine Fort Pierce Regional Campus has provided scholarships to its medical students.  Six scholarships were awarded recently to members of the Class of 2022. One was sponsored by Cleveland Clinic Martin Health ($5000) and was awarded to Derek Miller.  Another two, the Sai Ram scholarships, were provided by an anonymous FSU faculty member and were earned by Anggie Ferrer Estupian and Ceanna Perkins ($2500 each).  One was sponsored by the Bernard Egan Foundation and was awarded to Maria Badino. One was donated by VITAS Healthcare and was awarded to Stenia Accilien ($5000).  The final scholarship, the inaugural Randall Bertolette, MD Memorial Scholarship, was awarded to Samantha Pavlock ($1000).

Derek Miller
Anggie Ferrer Estupian
Ceanna Perkins















Maria Badino
Stenia Accilien
Samantha Pavlock