Donation to PATCHES


July 7, 2021

During their first and second years of medical school, FSU students can participate in a charitable organization called the Chapman Community Health Program (CCHP). It is a partnership between the FSU College of Medicine and Maryland Oaks Crossing, a low-income housing community in Tallahassee. CCHP serves as an opportunity for students to actively engage in the overall mission of the FSU College of Medicine – to serve medically underserved populations and to respond to community needs. Currently, student leaders at the FSU College of Medicine plan and execute health screenings, promote preventative health education initiatives, and foster community development. Past successes include implementation of monthly health screenings, smoking cessation workshops, a community garden and food pantry, and regular social activities.

The Chapman Community Health Program provides grants through the Chapman foundation, and their board chooses which charitable projects they fund.  In 2020, two Fort Pierce students in the Class of 2021, Jessica Gonzalez and Kyara Marquez, applied and were approved for a $1000 grant to provide supplies for a facility where they completed their 2020 Community Medicine course. 

The facility, PATCHES Prescribed Pediatric Care in Fort Pierce, offers parents the peace of mind brought about by a program staffed by health care professionals who are expertly trained in the care of children with both sub-acute and chronic conditions. The center is fully equipped and staffed to accommodate children who require the support of ventilators, tracheotomies, oxygen therapy, and feeding tubes, or who have other special medical needs. Supportive therapies, respiratory care, educational programming, and door-to-door transportation are provided. They also provide an onsite playground, and daily enrichment programs. Their goal is to help each child reach his or her potential safely, in a fun-filled caring environment.

The supplies purchased with the grant funds were delivered to PATCHES by two students in the Class of 2022, Gabriela Colon and Maria Badino.  They, and other students they recruit, will provide continued engagement with PATCHES to hopefully provide continued funding through the Chapman grant for years to come.

PATCHES was also supported by the students who were there in January 2021, Gabriela Colon and Tayina Gilles.  They organized a local online fundraiser this year and raised $1600 to purchase supplies.

L-R: Patty Damato, Intake Coordinator, Brandi Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer, Gabriela Colon and Maria Badino, Class of 2022 students