Behavioral Health Integration for Doctoring 3 session

Dr. Babcock, Dr. Lomax-Homier, Dr. Olivera

May 15, 2019

Patricia Babcock, Ph.D., LCSW, Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Health Integration at the Florida State University College of Medicine in Tallahassee, participated in a December lecture for our students on the topic of substance abuse.  The lecture was directed by our clerkship director for psychiatry, Dr. Gerardo Olivera.  Dr. Babcock’s significant experience in this area helped her communicate to the students the importance of identifying substance abuse issues from a brain disease and biopsychosocial perspective.  The following day, Dr. Babcock was the facilitator at an inservice for the Communities Connected for Kids organization.  She spoke on stress management for child welfare professionals and provided strategies for preventing burnout and compassion fatigue.

In photo, L-R: Dr. Babcock, Dr. Juliette Lomax-Homier, Fort Pierce Campus Dean, Dr. Gerardo Olivera