Proposal Submission Deadlines

Help us help you! The sooner you let us know of your intent to submit a proposal for extramural funding, the sooner we can help you navigate the paths to a successful submission. Our goals are to assist with the College of Medicine requirements and those of FSU Sponsored Research Administration (SRA), or in the case of private funding, the FSU Research Foundation (FSURF), minimize the administrative burden, and meet sponsor guidelines in a seamless, integrated fashion.

SRA/FSURF requires "complete" proposals three business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline. We recommend that you contact Med-RA at least 30 days prior to the sponsor’s deadline through An Analyst will be assigned to work with you, and the goal is to have all the elements of a complete proposal ready for review no later than 10 business days before the sponsor’s deadline.

10-Day Advance Proposal Preparation Guidelines

SRS Proposal Submission Policy and the Three Day Working Rule