When to Contact Us

Employees and students of the College of Medicine must seek institutional (FSU) approval before committing time or resources on a contract, grant or sub-recipient proposal or project. The proposal preparation and approval process is coordinated through the Med-RA office for CoM approval, before submission for approval by FSU’s Sponsored Research Administration (SRA) or Research Foundation (FSURF). The FSU review policy requires a complete proposal three business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline.

Contact Med-RA if you:

  1. Are considering applying for an external contract or grant, whether it involves research or not, and you will be the principal investigator on the proposal,
  2. Will be applying to an internal grant program (e.g., CoM, CRC, Office of Commercialization),
  3. Have been invited to participate by someone outside CoM on a contract or grant, in any capacity (including consultant), whether salary is included or not, 
  4. Will be renewing a contract, or submitting a progress report linked to continued funding,
  5. Wish to represent FSU and/or CoM by participating in a limited submission competition,
  6. Are required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to a full proposal,
  7. Are transferring a grant to or from FSU, or
  8. Have received a Just-in-time (JIT) request, Notice of Award (NOA or NGA), or a draft contract from a sponsor.

Ideally, contact Med-RA 30-45 days before the application deadline or contract start date. No matter how preliminary your proposal is, we can provide technical assistance on application components and related requirements, review draft documents, develop a budget, coordinate internal approvals, and help navigate administrative procedures to get you where you are going on time. To receive optimal assistance in assembling a complete proposal for the FSU 3-day deadline, please have all proposal elements to Med-RA 10 business days in advance (includes SRA/FSURF deadline).

If in doubt, contact us for guidance at research@med.fsu.edu. Receipt of your email will be acknowledged immediately, and an analyst will be assigned to support your efforts. Good luck!