Human Subjects Research at the College of Medicine

Per federal regulations, all human subjects research protocols must be reviewed and approved by a governing IRB. For FSU IRB applications, all human subjects research involving College of Medicine affiliated personnel, including faculty with additional affiliations outside of the College of Medicine, must first be approved by the Research Advisory Committee. All College of Medicine affiliated key personnel on the protocol have to have CITI Training.

The Research Advisory Committee Overview and Purpose

Informational Flyer

It is the policy of the FSU College of Medicine (CoM) to advance medical discoveries and knowledge through systematic, scientific research that adheres to federal regulations and internationally accepted standards for ethical conduct in the treatment of human subjects. The research policies facilitate the standardization of the research process at the College of Medicine, and guide personnel through the requirements and procedures of this process. The purposes of these policies are to:

  • strengthen and advance the College’s mission and growth through research activities
  • create a central repository of studies to better track and showcase the College’s research
  • provide a supportive structure throughout the College of Medicine to promote excellence in research.

To support the achievement of these goals, the College of Medicine has established the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), which is composed of faculty members from each College of Medicine department to represent our diverse research environment. The RAC reviews all CoM-affiliated human subjects research protocols originating from main campus, regional campuses, rural sites, or residency programs.

The CoM human subjects research review process involves three steps:

Proposal Submission for Faculty Administrator* Review

*Department Chair, Regional Campus Dean, Residency/Fellowship Program Director


RAC Review

PI Submits Proposal to IRB

The submission and review processes are conducted electronically in MedNet Intranet and must be completed prior to submission of any new IRB applications. IRB renewals and amendments are excluded from the College's review process. In order for the FSU IRB to review any CoM-affiliated application, documentation of RAC review must be submitted. Be sure to consider the FSU IRB meeting and deadline schedule when preparing to submit your proposal for RAC review.