IRB-Required Research Training

CITI Human Subjects Protections & Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

Per FSU IRB policy, all engaged research faculty and staff must be appropriately trained in the protection of human subjects. Additional GCP training is required for study teams engaged in investigator-initiated or sponsored clinical trials. FSU offers both certifications through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online training. Proof of training completion is required for IRB approval.

As of 7/1/2019, all new CITI accounts must be affiliated with Florida State University, not FSU College of Medicine.         Registration Instructions

CITI Completion Report Automated Download into FSU IRB System (RAMP)

FSU's new IRB system has the capacity to automatically download CITI completion reports for FSU-affiliated study team members. This feature alleviates the need to manually upload CITI completion reports for all study team members into the RAMP system. However, in order for this process to successfully occur, your preferred email in your CITI profile must match either your business or preferred email in myFSU portal.

If your email addresses DO NOT match, simply upload your CITI completion reports in the documents section of your IRB application in RAMP.

CITI Users Currently Affiliated with FSU College of Medicine
  • Transfer your completed CITI modules to FSU: New Affiliation Instructions
  • Save your current CITI completion reports for proof of training documentation.