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Student Voices

White Coat Excitement (Class of 2021)

Donning a white coat for the first time is a humbling experience for most medical students. Three members of the Florida State University College of Medicine Class of 2021 share their thoughts about the path that brought them to medical school – and their excitement about the upcoming White Coat Ceremony.
(2017, 5m:04s)

White Coat Highlights (Class of 2020)

Class of 2020 White Coat Highlights (2016, 2m:23s)

Joseph Chen, White Coat Excitement (Class of 2020)

Class of 2020 student Joseph Chen shares the importance of the white coat to him and his family, and what medical school holds for him. (2016, 1m:28s)

April Graham, White Coat Excitement (Class of 2020)

Class of 2020 student April Graham gives insight into how medical school will help her achieve her goals, and what the white coat means to her. (2016, 1m:38s) 

Jacob Hentges, White Coat Excitement (Class of 2020)

Class of 2020 student Jacob Hentges shares his journey to medical school, and what the white coat means to him. (2016, 2m:43s)

Abby Peters, M.D. Speaking at White Coat

Abby (Hunter) Peters, who graduated from the College of Medicine in 2011, received her pediatric residency training at Wake Forest and has just returned — along with her husband, classmate Jeff Peters — to practice in Tallahassee. Here she speaks to the Class of 2018 at their White Coat Ceremony, giving them words of wisdom for the tough years ahead of them. (2014, 14m:25s)

Brett Thomas Speaking at Graduation

Class President Brett Thomas got a standing ovation for his 10-minute reflection on the past four years: “We ultimately learned that a ‘good pathological case’ always came with a price. Sometimes it was a left-behind elderly spouse or a stroke survivor, once a social butterfly, now unable to speak. Somewhere during our third and fourth years, we began to understand the weight of the responsibility we’d soon be carrying. But if not for these experiences, we wouldn’t have received clarity on our specialty choice, met our match or gained the experience to care for our future patients.” (2014, 12m:1s)

Myron Rolle Testifying Before Congress

Myron Rolle, a former college football player and Class of 2017 medical student, delivers his opening statement before the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on College Athletes and Academics. (2014, 5m:5s)

Angela Guzman Speaking at the White Coat Ceremony

During her Gold Humanism Induction Ceremony speech at the White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2017, Angela used the story of a non-compliant patient to remind the first-year students that what ultimately matters is not what you know but what you do. (2013, 8m:33s)