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Student Voices

Alumni Reminisce and Share Their Wisdom

David Castillo, M.D. (Class of 2012)

Having played award-winning football for coach Bobby Bowden, David Castillo is one of the College of Medicine’s highest-profile alumni. In October 2013, while he was a resident at the TMH Family Medicine Residency Program, he returned to campus to speak to the Seminole Club. (Oct. 2013, 4m:49s)

Marlisha Jackson, M.D. (Class of 2011)

At the time of this April 2012 interview, Marlisha Jackson had just completed her first year as a family medicine resident at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and had a lot of observations to share with medical students. (2012, 5m:10s)

Tanya Anim, M.D. (Class of 2010)

Tanya Anim received a National Health Service Corps scholarship in 2009. In February 2014, she returned to campus to speak with students in the Rural Health Association about the NHSC. Five months later, she was scheduled to join the UF Family Medicine Residency Program at the Main Street Clinic as a faculty member, which is part of how she’ll fulfill her requirements for her NHSC scholarship. (Feb. 2014, 43m:28s)

Jimmy Moss, M.D. (Class of 2010)

You’ll see Jimmy Moss elsewhere on this page, for the White Coat Ceremony speech he gave in 2013. This speech is one he gave three years later, at the induction ceremony for MAPS (Minority Association of Premedical Students). He’s a dynamic speaker — and also a generous one. He drove all the way from Jacksonville just to speak with a few dozen undergraduates who are considering careers in health care. And he not only impressed them with his achievements but also shook them up by describing one of his memorable failures. (April 18, 2016, 19m 26s)

Jimmy Moss, M.D. (Class of 2010)

Jimmy Moss (M.D., ’10) earned a standing ovation after his eloquent address to the first-year students. “Everything that’s inside of you is way more important than anything that they can ever teach you,” he said. “The people who taught you how to be brilliant, who taught you how to be resourceful, who taught you how to use your intelligence for a purposeful cause, they’re sitting right behind you” – in the parents’ section. (Aug. 16, 2013, 15m)

Patrick Hawkins, M.D. (Class of 2008)

In 2016, Patrick Hawkins visited the main campus to speak with students who were interested in rural medicine. Like his brother, Nathanael, Patrick grew up in Bonifay – and that’s where he was practicing at the time of this video. (2016, 7m:10s).

Tanya Evers, M.D. (Class of 2008)

At the time of this April 2013 Alumni Reunion interview, Tanya Evers was an OB-GYN faculty member with the Family Medicine Residency Program at TMH. (Her younger daughter appearing in this video, Annelise, was 2.) Tanya did Years 3 and 4 at the Tallahassee campus and did her residency at Vanderbilt. (2013, 3m:52s)

Nathanael Hawkins, M.D. (Class of 2008)

When he was interviewed during Alumni Reunion in April 2013, Nathanael Hawkins was working as an ER doc in two rural towns, Apalachicola and Chipley. He grew up in Bonifay, about an hour and a half west of Tallahassee, and wanted to practice in this area. (2013, 2m:57s)

Sarah & Charles Ritchie, M.D. (Class of 2008)

At the time of this April 2013 Alumni Reunion interview, the Ritchies were at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where Sarah was a hospitalist and Charles was chief resident in the diagnostic radiology residency program. (2013, 2m:26s)

Matt & Stephanie Lee, M.D. (Class of 2006)

In addition to their thoughts on medical education at the College of Medicine, these alumni even provide marital advice for med students. (2011, 11m:20s)

Christienne Alexander M.D. (Class of 2005)

Christienne Alexander (M.D., ’05) always knew she wanted to be a doctor, but if life has taught her anything, it is that you can’t plan it all. From getting rejected by the PIMS program, to graduating with the inaugural College of Medicine class in 2005, and becoming a full-time faculty member, her unending positivity has kept her going through thick and thin. (2017, 8m:30s)

Scott Warren, M.D. (PIMS, 1983)

Before Scott Warren became a physician, he was a defensive end for football coach Bobby Bowden. Originally he was in the PIMS T-81 class but took time off to pursue pro football; so he eventually became a T-83 – that is, transferred to UF in 1983. He did this interview in April 2012, when he was a Jacksonville dermatologist doing Mohs surgery. (2012, 6m:56s)

Father and Son: Rick Sheridan, M.D., and Stephen Sheridan (PIMS, 1976 and Class of 2015)

We cheated on this one. Stephen Sheridan was more than two years away from being an alumnus when he did this interview in April 2013. But he attended an alumni reunion with his father, PIMS graduate Rick Sheridan (look for Rick’s solo interview from 2011), and he said some memorable things – especially about pancakes. (2013, 3m:25s)

Rick Sheridan, M.D. (PIMS, 1976)

Rick Sheridan is a PIMS grad who transferred to UF in 1976. He was interviewed at our Alumni Reunion on April 16, 2011. At that time he was a neonatologist in Tampa as well as a member of the Alumni Board. He’s also the father of Class of 2015 member Stephen Sheridan. (2011, 5m:14s)

Mike Sweeney, M.D. (PIMS, 1975)

Mike Sweeney is a graduate of Florida State’s Program in Medical Sciences (PIMS), predecessor of the College of Medicine.. He’s a retired general and vascular surgeon who practiced in Fort Myers for about 20 years. At the time of the interview, he was chair of the Alumni Board, living in Jacksonville but coming over to Tallahassee often to teach anatomy, etc. He did this interview at our Alumni Reunion on April 14, 2012. (2012, 7m:32s)

Beranton Whisenant, M.D. (PIMS, 1975)

Beranton Whisenant attended FSU’s Program in Medical Sciences through a joint program with Florida A&M University, his undergrad institution. (“It was essentially a two-year program integrated with your undergraduate program, and at the completion of your undergraduate degree you also had completed the first year of medical school.”) He transferred to UF in 1975. At the time of this April 2011 interview, he had been an emergency medicine physician at the UF College of Medicine-Shands Hospital in Jacksonville for 10 years. (2011, 1m:21s)