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History of the College of Medicine

The Early Years of the College of Medicine

Sandy D'Alemberte

As president of Florida State University in 2001, he took on the medical education establishment when it tried to block this innovative new medical school – and he won.

Ocie Harris, M.D.

He came here after a distinguished career at the University of Florida, helped hire key people and ultimately became dean. Interviewed in April 2010. (40m:13s)

Mollie Hill

She knew hundreds of physicians all over the state from her tenure with Capital Medical Society and was instrumental in establishing the regional campuses. Interviewed in May 2010. (22m:16s)

Myra Hurt, Ph.D.

She rejuvenated the Program in Medical Sciences and spearheaded the move to create the College of Medicine, where she was the first acting dean. Interviewed in March 2010. (32m:41s)

Alma Littles, M.D.

She was head of the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program before she accepted a top leadership role here. Interviewed in May 2010. (36m:03s)

Charlotte Maguire M.D.

She was a trailblazing female physician and the benefactor whose generosity helped to launch the College of Medicine. Interviewed in March 2010. (18m:53s)

Paul McLeod, M.D.

As the first dean at a regional campus, he anxiously wondered: What if the community physicians say they just don’t have time to teach our third- and fourth-year students? Interviewed in May 2010. (11m:54s)

Lorna Stewart, M.D.

One of the first two students admitted into the College of Medicine, she experienced the highs (and occasional lows) of starting a brand-new medical school. Interviewed in January 2010. (15m:43s)

Lorna Stewart's Video Diary of a Medical Student

Stewart, from the inaugural Class of 2005, often carried a video camera with her and captured glimpses of life at a new medical school.