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Regional Campus eTours

Welcome to Sarasota

Get an overview of the Sarasota Regional Campus, one of six in the state. Our students experience hands-on clinical training in Sarasota and the surrounding Southwest Florida counties. (4m:12s)

Meet Dean Bruce Berg, M.D., MBA

The Sarasota Regional Campus dean talks about the physician faculty members in the area who teach our students, along with the patients in these communities who look forward to seeing them. (3m:51s)

Sarasota Student Experiences

Listen as Sarasota students discuss their third and fourth years of medical school and tell stories about their most memorable patients – including a thrilling emergency surgery. (2m:56s)

On Campus and On Call in Sarasota

Students describe a typical day in their clinical years at the Sarasota Regional Campus, detailing their routines in a hospital or clinic setting with their physician faculty. (3m:45s)

Sarasota After Hours

Learn about the city of Sarasota and the outlying Southwest Florida area, where there are plenty of things to do at the beach as well as in the city. (2m:12s)