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College of Medicine Events

Class of 2016

FSU College of Medicine’s Class of 2016 celebrated Match Day, which took place March 18 in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. Like other fourth-year med students throughout the country, these FSU students found out which residency programs they’ll join for the next phase of their medical training. 68 matched in primary care — including 20 in family medicine. (March 18, 2016, 1h:29m)

Class of 2015

More than half of the 115 members of the Class of 2015 are pursuing primary care. Top-notch residency programs around the country — and right here in Tallahassee — are eager to train our students. And Match Day remains the most entertaining day on the College of Medicine’s calendar. The theme this year was superheroes. Fogarty was Captain America, and the regional campus deans all dressed as heroes or villains. (March 20, 2015, 1h:32m)

Class of 2014

Six of our fourth-year students matched with our internal medicine residency program at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. One student matched with our brand-new family medicine residency program in Fort Myers. Four out of 10 students are staying in Florida for their residency. More than half of our students are going into primary care. And James Bond is alive and well and masquerading as a medical school dean. (March 21, 2014, 1h:33m)

Class of 2013

“We are excited by the continued success of our program in sending graduates to many of the top residency programs, and I’m pleased to see so many of our students choosing primary care, including so many in family medicine,” said College of Medicine Dean John P. Fogarty. “More than 70 percent of our alumni now practicing in Florida are doing so in a primary care specialty, and today’s match results tell us we will continue to be able to provide more of the doctors Florida needs most.” (March 15, 2013, 1h:30m)

Class of 2012

“We’re proud of the fact that 71 percent of our alumni now practicing in Florida are providing primary care services, many of them in rural and other medically underserved areas of the state. Today’s match results will go a long way toward helping us continue to help Florida communities find the doctors they need.” - Dean John P. Fogarty. (March 16, 2012, 1h:11m)

Class of 2011

Match Day 2011 was an entertaining blend of Ruby Diamond majesty, St. Patrick’s Day kitsch and medical student emotion. Once again more College of Medicine students matched in primary care than in all other specialties combined. (March 17, 2011, 53m:33s)

Class of 2010

Fifty-two students entered residency in primary-care specialties: family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and obstetrics/gynecology. Forty percent matched with residency programs in Florida, up from 30 percent in 2009. (March 18, 2010, 1h:14m)

Class of 2009

Surrounded by balloons, air horns and “bon voyage” props, the Class of 2009 all discovered where they’d enter residency training. All 73 class members found a match. Thirty-three of them matched in primary-care specialties. (March 19, 2009, 55m:27s)