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Point of Care

Reference Values for Laboratory Tests


Contains over 60 medical e-books, including Harrison's, Hurst's the Heart, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, the Lange series, patient education handouts: in full text with images, tables and graphics, viewable from and downloadable to mobile device

AccessMedicine: Diagnostic Tests

Includes the content of Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, contains information about commonly used laboratory tests.

ARUP Consult

A laboratory test selection tool organized into disease-related categories that provides diagnostic information, pharmacogenetics content, screening and monitoring suggestions. (open access)

Facts & Comparisons: Normal Laboratory Values

Tables of normal reference values for commonly requested laboratory tests.

Lab Tests Online

A public resource on clinical lab testing from The American Association for Clinical Chemistry. (open access)

Merck Manual: Normal Laboratory Values

Tables with reference values (intervals) for blood, urine, CSF, stool, and other fluids, as well as commonly used panels. (open access)


Includes adult and pediatric clinical rotations with disease diagnostics and treatment information, lab values, an extensive drug database (including herbals), ICD and CPT codes, a medical dictionary, and anatomical illustrations.
Mobile Also available as a mobile resource.