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Fellowship Benefits


Postdoctoral Fellows are provided with a stipend of $47,658 per year. Each annual stipend is paid in 26 biweekly payments.

Health Insurance

The FSUCOM offers Postdoctoral Psychology fellows the same health-insurance benefit plan it offers all full-time employees/faculty members. Supplemental insurance plans, such as dental and vision, are also available options at the Fellows discretion. Please refer to the Florida State University Human Resources Department for update information about available health insurance options. Health-insurance benefits become effective after Fellows have completed 2-months of employment.


Sick Leave Allowance
Sick leave will be approved by the Director of Clinical Training depending on the individual fellows’ needs. Once a fellow exceeds 40 hours of sick leave per academic year, he/she may be required to make up missed time.

Annual Leave Allowance
Postdoctoral Fellows are allotted a total of 80 hours of annual leave (vacation) per academic year. The dates on which a postdoctoral fellow wishes to take annual leave are generally at the discretion of the Fellow; however, all leave requests are subject to the consideration of departmental and organizational scheduling (taking into consideration patient-care needs). At times, the university campus is closed during the Winter Break, typically for a 4 to 5-day period; should such an action be taken by the university president, days the postdoctoral fellow is scheduled off will not be deducted from the annual leave allowance.

Professional Development Leave Allowance

Professional development leave is made available to enhance the postdoctoral fellows training, research, writing or other forms of creative activity. This form of leave is typically utilized to attend meeting s and conferences related to the fellows training. Postdoctoral fellows are allotted a total of 5 days of professional development leave per academic year.

Professional Liability

Postdoctoral Fellows are covered by the FSUCOM insurance program, which provides comprehensive general liability protection, including professional liability protection.