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Research & Scholarly Activity

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty within the Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health have a wide range of research interests. 

Faculty Profile Research Interest Topics
Christienne P. Alexander M.D. Community Medicine, Multicultural Medicine, Medical Student Specialty Choice, Impact of Interdisciplinary Professional Teams, Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparities, Resiliency and Wellness
Joedrecka Brown Speights M.D.

Health Equity Issues, Maternal and Child Health Equity, Black Infant Mortality, Community-Engaged Research

Jessica De Leon, Ph.D. Multicultural Medicine, Health Disparities, Public Health, Social Determinants of Health, Community-Based 
Kerwyn L. Flowers D.O. Rural Medicine, Multicultural Medicine, Health Disparities, Resiliency and Wellness, Adolescent Health, Pipeline to Medical School Programs, Medical Humanities
Suzanne L. Harrison M.D. Abuse/Violence Issues, including: 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child and Elder Abuse
Medical Education, Breastfeeding, Mentorship, Women's Health, Wellness

Susan LaJoie DrPH, ARNP-c

Human Trafficking, Rural Health, Public Health, Adolescent Health
Alma B. Littles M.D. Pipeline to Medical School Programs, Rural Health, Medical Student Education, Graduate Medical Education
Karen E. Myers, ANRP Clinical Medicine and Preceptorships, Interdisciplinary Medical Education, Community Resources, e-Cigarettes
Stephen M. Quintero M.D. High Fidelity Simulation, Telehealth, Standardized Patients, Electronic Health Record, Interdisciplinary Medical Education, Spirituality, Professionalism, Medical Education, Physician Assistant Education
Anthony C. Speights M.D. Rural Medicine, HIV, Telehealth, Pipeline to Medical School Programs, Health Disparities, Women's Health
Daniel J. Van Durme M.D., M.P.H. Evidence Based Medicine, Global Medicine, Dermatology, Public and International Health, Diversity, Rural Recruitment and Retention, Specialty Choice, Happiness, Spirituality, Sports Medicine
Tana Jean Welch, Ph.D. Medical Humanities, Narrative Medicine