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Distinguished Alumni Award

Thank you to our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends who made nominations for our Distinguished Alumni Award. We wish to express our gratitude for your taking the time and effort to make a nomination. As you know, the Florida State University College of Medicine is a growing institution committed to producing physicians and scientists who are caring practitioners of both the art and science of medicine. Nominations for the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award will open in February.

The 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients will be revealed at the Class of 2023 White Coat Ceremony on Friday, August 9, 2019 in Ruby Diamond Auditorium.

Former Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

  • 2018
    • Matthew Lee, M.D. (Class of 2006)
    • Stephanie Lee, M.D. (Class of 2006)
    • Stephen Cummings, M.D. (PIMS 1976)
  • 2017
    • Christie Alexander, M.D. (Class of 2005)
    • C. David Smith, M.D. (PIMS 1996)
  • 2016
    • Garrett Chumney, M.D. (Class of 2005)
    • Michael Weiss, M.D. (PIMS 1991)
  • 2015
    • Robin Albritton, M.D. (Class of 2007)
    • Frank Walker, Jr., M.D. (PIMS 1974)
  • 2014
    • Mel Hartsfield, M.D. (PIMS 1978)

For more information about the FSU Medical Alumni Distinguished Alumni Award, please contact Chelsea Shackelford.