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Medical Student Research Opportunities

The FSU College of Medicine encourages medical students at all levels to seek research opportunities that will enhance their experiences and develop and refine their scientific and clinical interests. The Department of Geriatrics faculty also mentor students for research through the Charles R. Mathews Geriatrics Education and Research Scholarships.

For students wishing to participate in a research project during their clinical years (M3/4) at the regional campuses, Research in the Clinical Years has been developed to help you navigate the research process. 


  • Do the research procedures and policies of the College of Medicine apply to students?
    Yes. These policies apply to all College of Medicine-affiliated human subjects research and cover all M1, M2, M3, M4 and Bridge students.
  • Do the policies and procedures for Student Extracurricular Educational/Research Activities outlined in the College of Medicine’s Student Handbook still apply?
    Yes. All the policies and procedures in the Student Handbook regarding research activities still apply. The proposal submission and review policies and procedures overseen by the Research Advisory Committee are additional to the Student Handbook information and instructions.
  • Can I be a Lead Investigator as a student?
    No. Students cannot serve as Lead Investigators. You must identify a Faculty Mentor who will serve as the Lead Investigator, with students listed on the application as “Key Personnel."
  • I am a medical student working with a research mentor who is not a part of FSU. Do I need to submit to the Research Advisory Committee?
    If your research is being conducted as part of your activities as an FSU College of Medicine student, then you do need to submit your proposal to the Research Advisory Committee. Contact Elizabeth Foster, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate and Medical Student Research, for assistance on submitting your proposal to the Research Advisory Committee on SharePoint.

    If your research is being conducted outside of your FSU College of Medicine affiliation, for example, you are working as a research assistant during the summer break when you are not attending classes at FSU, then you do not have to submit a proposal to the Research Advisory Committee. However, you do need to notify Elizabeth Foster, Ph.D. about the research project you are working on


  • My summer research program applications is asking for a “Letter of Good Standing” from the dean. Who should I ask?
    The Dean of Student Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs staff will be able to help you obtain the letter.


  • I’m working with publicly available datasets for my research. Do I have to submit my proposal to the RAC and IRB?
    Send a description of the dataset to Julie Haltiwanger ( at the FSU Office of Research to make final determination for whether data coming from publicly available datasets qualify as human subjects and in turn require institutional review board.


  • Do I need to complete training in the protection of human subjects in research?
    Yes. All College of Medicine students participating on a research project are required to complete two courses on the protection of human subjects in research provided only by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI): the Basic Course and the Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) course. You must complete this training prior to your submission to the Research Advisory Committee, and your completion reports for both courses must be included in your Research Advisory Committee submission. Human subjects training from other sources, such as the course provided by the National Institutes of Health, does not fulfill any of the College of Medicine’s training requirements.
  • CITI curriculum information and registration instructions for:

         CITI Home Page (Registration and Login) 

  • I have CITI training from another institution. Can my previous CITI training meet the College of Medicine training requirements?
    Some or all of your previous CITI training may apply to the College of Medicine requirements when you affiliate your CITI account with the FSU College of Medicine. Any previously completed modules that the College of Medicine requires will automatically be counted as completed and will not have to be retaken. Any modules that you still need to complete to meet the College of Medicine’s requirements must be completed prior to submission to the Research Advisory Committee.