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The IM Program has been carefully planned to fulfill the requirements of the Internal Medicine Residency Review Committee (RRC) of the ACGME. The curriculum offers a broad and balanced experience in both ambulatory and inpatient settings that prepare the graduate for a career in general internal medicine, either primary care, hospital medicine or to continue training in a subspecialty. By the end of the three-year program, graduating residents leave as skilled and confident practitioners in the care and treatment of major acute and chronic diseases.

Full-time faculty conduct daily rounds on admitted patients and supervise residents in the ambulatory clinic and the hospital. The faculty provide oversight and assist in patient care at all times. Residents are responsible for the work-up of patients, for writing all orders, and for performing diagnostic procedures and therapy. Additionally, there are daily conferences and teaching rounds in the various medical subspecialties, weekly grand rounds, clinical pathology and medical radiology conferences. The collaboration between FSU and TMH provides a foundation for transformational learning and allows residents to have innovative and inspirational experiences.

Rotation Schedule

Med - 4 Med - 2-3 Med - 2-3
CCS - 1 ER - 1 CCS - 2
Cardiology - 1 CCS - 1 Hem/Onc - 1
Consult - 1 Cardiology - 1 Consult - 1.5
Renal - 1 Neurology - 1 Elective - 1
ER - 1 Ambulatory 1.5 Med-Consult - 1
Amb - 2 Consult - .5 Night Float - 1
Elective - 1 Elective - 1  
Night Float - 1 Med-Consult - 1  
  Hem/Onc - 1  
  Night Float - 1  
  1 Block (4 weeks)  

Medicine Night Float Team

A night float system for both admissions and floor coverage is in place from Sunday to Thursday. The night float team admits patients from (7:00 PM until 6:00 AM) the next day for the inpatients, the MICU and CCU.

Duty Hours Compliance

ACGME enforces a work week of never more than 80-hours for all residents and requires a full day off each week for all residents. In order to help maintain patient safety and resident well being, we strictly monitor that all residents in the program follow the duty hour regulations.