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About the Program

As a new program, our Internal Medicine (IM) Residency Program will build to a complement of 24 residents (8 residents in each year). It is a categorical three-year IM Residency Training Program leading to certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Residents in the IM Program are encouraged to pursue research and scholarly endeavors. The program provides its residents with the resources, time and logistical support to be successful in this area. For those residents who have a strong interest in research, the faculty will assist the resident to identify and select an appropriate research topic that is aligned with career plans and/or fellowship education. The IM Program encourages our residents to present their research at the FSU College of Medicine’s Research Fair and regional and national scientific meetings. We will assist in some funding for these activities. We encourage our residents to become an associate member of the American College of Physicians.

The mission of the IM Program is to develop master clinicians with the skills necessary to become leaders in medical education, research, and service in a variety of health related fields. The clinical care provided by our graduates will be patient-centered, compassionate, respectful, and grounded in a broad base of knowledge that is constantly updated with current literature.