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  • Improve physician education

  • Build practices using health analytics

  • Enhance collaboration with other health professionals in integrated health care settings

  • Identify and promote the use of best practices for integrating health care services

  • Provide assistance to Florida’s health care providers in integrating health care

  • Conduct research on how to reduce overall health care costs by integrating health care

 Improve Physician Education

COM Curriculum Assessment

  • Assess the College of Medicine curriculum, including residencies, to determine the extent and types of current training and opportunities to pursue study in integrated health care.
  • Determine additional training needed to prepare physicians for practice in the integrated primary care environment of the future.
  • Become a national leader in physician workforce development in the area of integrated primary care and practice with interprofessional health teams.
  • Ensure that the FSU COM curriculum and residency placements include sufficient training in behavioral health care (e.g., basic concepts of integrated care; integrated care perspective; screening and problem-based assessment for behavioral health disorders; algorithms for mental health conditions; psychopharmacology; chronic disease; geriatric, cognitive and memory disorders; pediatric and obstetrical practice and behavioral health; and communicating with behavioral health professionals.

COM Graduate Surveys

  • Develop and conduct a survey(s) to assess the adequacy of COM training relative to primary care practice; the extent of graduates’ practice in integrated care settings; comfort of graduates in screening, diagnosing and treating behavioral health conditions; graduates’ practice using interprofessional health teams; and graduates’ suggestions for changes in medical education relative to integrated care.

Residencies – Health Team Placements

  • The FSU COM will plan its residencies with its partners to train residents in more efficient and effective care delivery models (e.g., patient-centered medical homes).
  • To accomplish this, FSU will test with other FSU colleges and other universities the placement of residents/intern/students in multi-professional placements in the same settings.
  • For example, primary care residents will be co-located with nursing, social work, pharmacy, students, social workers, and nutrition students in a medical home setting that also employs other team professionals.

FSU Teaching Clinic

The Center will:

  • Establish or affiliate/partner with, or purchase a primary care clinic in Tallahassee
  • Reestablish the clinic as a teaching clinic/center
  • Reengineer the clinic so that it serves as a primary care teaching facility (e.g. organization, staffing, residencies, programming, services)
  • Assign FSU COM faculty to work with the teaching facility