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Degree Requirements

Students interested in the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences degree should declare one of the three major options upon admission to the University and work with academic advisors in the IMS Advising Office to ensure appropriate course selection. Entering freshmen should consult It's All Academic  for recommended liberal studies courses that meet the University Liberal Studies and graduation requirements.

To prepare for a role in the healthcare of Floridians, the College of Medicine recommends proficiency in Spanish through the intermediate level (2220) or sign language through the advanced (2614 or equivalent) level.

All majors under the IMS degree require the same rigorous science core curriculum – the Core Requirements. The Core Requirements include the pre-requisites for advanced professional training for medicine and various health professions.

NOTE: Many of the core and upper level courses in the IMS degree have pre-requisites. Pre-calculus, trigonometry, and general psychology are required as they are pre-requisite courses for many of the IMS core and major course requirements. 

In addition to the Core Requirements, each IMS major has Upper Level Major Requirements to help prepare students for entry to professional training programs or to become part of the healthcare workforce.
All majors in the IMS degree must also complete the IMS Experiential Service Learning Seminars sequence (IHS; freshmen through senior year) and Senior Capstone course that includes a senior project.

The Major Maps and Curriculum Sheets guide students through the Major Milestones and progression through their major requirements and are available for downloading under Resources.


IMS Core Requirements for all IMS majors: (courses and credit hours)
  • PSY 2012 General Psychology (3)
  • MAC 1105 College Algebra (3)
  • MAC 1140 Pre-Calculus (3)
  • MAC 1114 Trigonometry (2)
  • BSC 2010 Biological Science I (3)
  • BSC 2010L Biological Science I Lab (1) 
  • BSC 2011 Biological Science II (3)
  • BSC 2011L Biological Science II Lab (1)
  • CHM 1045 General Chemistry I (3)
  • CHM 1045L General Chemistry I Lab (1)
  • CHM 1046 General Chemistry II (3)
  • CHM 1046L General Chemistry II Lab (1)
  • CHM 3120 Analytical Chemistry (3)
  • CHM 3120L Analytical Chemistry Lab (1)
  • CHM 3217 One Semester Organic Chemistry (3) or CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I (3) and CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II (3)
  • CHM 3218 or BCH 4053 General Biochemistry I (3)
  • CHM 3217L One Semester Organic Chemistry Lab (1) or CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry II Lab (3)
  • PHY 2053C College Physics A  with lab (4)
  • PHY 2054C College Physics B with lab (4)
  • IHS 2121 Introduction to Exploration in Medical Science-Lower Division (1) (Taken 2 times)
  • IHS 3122 Introduction to Medical Science (1) (Transfer students only)
  • IHS 3931 Inquiry in Research Seminar-Upper Division (1) (Taken 2 - 3 times)
  • IHS 4901 Medical Sciences Capstone (3)

 *Students are responsible for knowing the requirements of the professional schools where they plan to apply. Other courses may be required for specific programs.*