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Second-year send-off: An open letter to my classmates

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By Jordan Carbono
M.D. Class of 2020 President


May 4, 2018

"Do you remember the very first day you started medical school? Or what about the first day you walked into CLC to do the hand wash experience? I had in my group Josh Earl, Kevin Gil, and Ryan Earwood. Josh was swole per usual and Kevin was late. I guess some things don’t change much. More importantly, we all had features and qualities that made us unique and different. We came from different backgrounds and experiences that framed us into that unique person. Additionally, we all shared one common similarity in that we were battling fears and doubts in our own abilities. Together, we began our journey through medical school.

As time progressed, our confidence grew. We didn’t have to think about reciting our medical student intro every time we saw a patient. It would just flow right out. And that sense of fear and intimidation was challenged by a spark of courage and confidence that pushed us towards believing in ourselves.

It has almost been two years since we first began on May 31st, 2016. If we look around us, A LOT has changed in our lives. We all developed new friendships and relationships that will last forever. Some got engaged or married in these two years while others welcomed new babies into their families. Some lost family members or experienced hardship. With every triumph, there was an equal struggle.

As we leave behind the wounds of Step 1, I reflect on what defines us as a class. Many define our class as diverse and filled with passion and resilience. We care for important issues and during these two years, we made an effort to be involved not just within the College of Medicine but also in the community. We contributed to communities outside of Tallahassee including Immokalee, Panama and Nicaragua. Our class demonstrated that we cared about being better people so that, in return, we could provide better care for our future patients.

I have to say that, for me, these past two years have been amazing, but not easy. Many of you might agree. I have always found a way to be inspired by some of you to keep going whether it was by a smile, a hug, or a simple, “You got this!” Some of you might even currently feel disappointed with your Step 1 score and wish it were better. Just remember, as much as we are bent, we are never broken because you were carefully chosen to fulfill this calling.

Moving forward, I hope that we can all take that passion and resilience into our clinical rotations to inspire our faculty, our attendings, the nurses, and even the patients we encounter. The beauty of these two years will reside in the friendships and connections we developed. The moments we spent together we will carry forever whether it was at Madison Social, at a football game, during the Class Olympics, and, yes, even at Gala. Let’s stay together these next two years and keep in touch. The next time we reunite will be in March 2020 when we celebrate our Match Day. Remember, if you’ve made it this far, nothing should stop you from getting to the finish line. Stay passionate and be resilient. We are Class of 2020."

Carbono and his classmates have completed their second year of medical school and are on their way to regional campuses to begin required clinical rotations in the coming months.