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Notable alumnus lecture - Seeliger (M.D., '06)

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Nick Seeliger (M.D., ’05), assistant professor of family and community medicine at the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in New Orleans, presented the reunion's Notable Alumnus Lecture. Seeliger, who was active in FSUCares and international health outreach activities as a medical student here, is certified in tropical medicine and has an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance, in addition to an MPH in global health. Throughout his career in the Air Force and as an LSU faculty member teach an elective in global family medicine, he has been actively involved in seeking effective delivery of international humanitarian assistance for underserved populations.


Dr. Seeliger also threw out the first picth for the Florida State Seminoles Softball, ranked
number 1, against Notre Dame for their 'For the Hero's Friday' game where they recognized
military doctors.