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Physician Micro Systems Inc. Donates Electronic Medical Records Software to FSU College of Medicine

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October 2002

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., -- A leading medical software maker has established a partnership with the Florida State University College of Medicine to advance the use of medical information technology among students and physicians.

As part of the partnership, Seattle-based Physician Micro Systems Inc. (PMSI) is providing Practice Partner®, the company’s popular electronic medical record and patient appointment scheduling software, to FSU’s Clinical Learning Center.

FSU is using PMSI’s Practice Partner® to prepare students to document clinical encounters using the latest electronic medical records technology.

“Electronic medical record systems like Practice Partner are among the new technologies and methods now available to advance the delivery of health care to an unprecedented level of quality,” said College of Medicine Dean Joseph Scherger. “The Florida State University College of Medicine has the opportunity to lead in the development and implementation of these technologies.”

PMSI President Andrew Ury, M.D. said that PMSI shares FSU’s interest in promoting the use of systems that will result in healthier, better-informed patients.

“The ultimate goal here is to provide the best patient care, plain and simple,” Ury said.

Bruce Kleaveland, PMSI’s chief operating officer, said the company’s partnership with FSU is creating a training opportunity for physicians to learn how to work in the ideal medical practice of the 21st century.

“Being ranked among the nation’s top health-care information technology companies, it’s exciting for us to see a medical school so committed to being a national leader in the integration of these new technologies into medical education,” Kleaveland said.

Founded in 1983, PMSI is a leader in the development and marketing of innovative electronic medical records and practice management products for medical offices and large health care enterprises. More than 1,200 offices use PMSI software, and more than 700 of them use Practice Partner Patient Records -- more sites than any other office-based electronic medical records system.