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Clerkship Directors

Javier I Escobar M.D.
Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine - Tallahassee
Emergency Medicine
(850) 431-0751
Michael W Forsthoefel M.D.
Clerkship Director, Internal Medicine - Tallahassee
Internal Medicine
(850) 216-0100
Mridul K Mazumder M.D.
Clerkship Director, Geriatrics - Tallahassee
(850) 645-8440
David R O'Bryan M.D.
Clerkship Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology - Tallahassee
(850) 205-0369
Calvin J Reams M.D.
Clerkship Administrator - TLH/Thomasville
Family Medicine
(229) 228-4130
Caulley F Soto M.D.
Clerkship Director, Pediatrics - Tallahassee
(850) 431-3473
Mark C Strickland M.D.
Informatics Director - Tallahassee
(850) 513-7269
Gregory K Todd
Clerkship Director for Advanced Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
(850) 431-8279
Eileen F Venable M.D.
Clerkship Director Psychiatry - Tallahassee
(850) 523-0008
Julia G Weeks M.D.
Clerkship Director - Family Medicine and Advanced Family Medicine
Family Medicine
Richard L Zorn M.D.
Clerkship Director for Surgery - Tallahassee