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Andree Aubrey MSW, LCSW
Director, Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program
(850) 645-6439
Patricia D Babcock Ph.D.
Research Faculty I
Leslie M Beitsch M.D., J.D.
Chair of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
(850) 645-1830
Claudia Blackburn
Assistant Professor
(850) 606-8160
Naomi Brownstein
Assistant Professor
(850) 645-9223
Henry J Carretta Ph.D. M.P.H.
Assistant Professor
(850) 645-6897
Tyra Dark
Research Faculty I
Heather Flynn
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research
(850) 645-7367
Joseph M Gabriel Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-1542
Karen Geletko MPH
Assistant in Medicine
(850) 645-1490
Mary A Gerend Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-1541
Robert L Glueckauf Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
(850) 645-2302
Samantha Goldfarb
Assistant Professor
(850) 644-9398
Jeffrey Harman PhD
(850) 645-1540
Kelsey Houser M.A.
Assistant in Research
(850) 645-2745
Pascal Jean-Pierre
Associate Professor
(850) 645-7396
Suzanne B Johnson Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Professor, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
(850) 644-3457
Heidi Kinsell Ph.D.
Research Faculty I
(850) 645-9554
Marilyn Leeds
Faculty Admin
Martina Luchetti
Research Faculty I
(850) 645-8151
Jean Mesidor
Assistant Professor
Sylvie Naar Ph.D.
Michael Nair-Collins PhD
Associate Professor
(850) 645-6564
Elena Reyes Ph.D.
Professor; Regional Director Southwest Florida
(239) 658-3087
Javier Rosado Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
George Rust MD, MPH
(850) 644-2362
Charles Saunders Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(850) 645-2516
Michael P Smith M.A., MPA
Program Director, Center for Strategic Public Health Preparedness and Principal Investigator, Center for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease (FLCURED.ORG)
(850) 645-7151
Angelina Sutin
Associate Professor
(850) 645-0438

Courtesy Faculty

Gail R Bellamy Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Florida Blue Center for Rural Health Research and Policy
(850) 644-3454