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MaKayla R Smith

M.D. Class of 2021

Hometown: Port Saint Joe, Fla.
Undergraduate Degree: University of Alabama at Birmingham

MaKayla graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in biomedical sciences with Experiential Learning Scholars Program and School of Health Professions Honors. During her time at UAB, she held many leadership roles within organizations, including the Biomedical Sciences Organization, which focused on preparing students for professional school. Her passion was and still is serving the underserved homeless, rural and physically disabled populations. The most memorable medical experience she had was in rural Tanzania, helping people who had infectious diseases. Outside of medicine, her favorite activities are beach volleyball, softball, hunting and reading. She chose the FSU College of Medicine because of its focus on those who are in dire need of health care and the small-group experiences involved in the medical education.