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Laura E Brock Ph.D.

Laura E Brock Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for External Relations, Program Development & Special Projects
(850) 645-9429
Main Campus

Job Description

Laura Brock is the director of External Relations at Florida State University College of Medicine. Prior to joining the College of Medicine, Brock was with the Education Policy Council in the Florida House of Representatives. She has extensive experience working for the Legislature, as well as lobbying for the Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget and the state Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services. Brock provides leadership and strategic direction in legislative relations, coordinating with the university’s Governmental Relations office. She assists the regional campus deans in developing constituency relations. Brock represents the medical school in meetings with state agencies, medical schools, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders. Brock drafts legislation, legislative reports, amendments, and works on special projects.


Brock has spent most of her career developing advocacy strategies. She distinguishes between “inside advocacy work” and “outside advocacy work.” Brock worked for the legislature as an “inside advocate” on three separate occasions. Working for the House Republican Office and Speaker Daniel Webster’s office, she coordinated health and human services policy and budget development for legislators. Brock advocated legislative policies that flowed from principles emphasizing compassion, social justice, and providing a safety net for the poor. For over nine years she worked as an “outside advocate” lobbying for health and human services policy and budget issues that benefit Florida’s seniors, disabled, children and poor. Brock was instrumental in the expansion of Medicaid services, creation of the Healthy Families program, and expansion of children’s vision programs. Originally Brock was hired at FSU in 2000 to coordinate grassroots efforts to generate support for the creation of the College of Medicine (COM). Working with FSU’s Governmental Relations office, she developed a network of supportive partners. After the legislation creating the COM passed, Brock went to work for the medical school as director of Special Projects and drafted the original strategic plan, work plan, timeline, faculty appointments, and coordinated the successful LCME appeal. Then for seven years she worked as chief of staff for FSU President T.K. Wetherell developing strategic priorities, staffing the Board of Trustees, participating in facility construction and architect selection committees, providing personal assistance to students, and undertaking many special projects. Brock has guided the COM legislative advocacy efforts since 2010 and worked with FSU Governmental Relations to secure funding and address legislation of concern to the medical school. She is connected to the network of healthcare lobbyists and medical school advocates both formally and informally. Brock focuses on the relational aspects of advocacy and is working with medical students to explore the contours of their passion for patient advocacy in the public policy arena.


B.S., Political Science, Florida State University; M.P.A., Public Administration & Policy, Florida State University; M.A., Religion – Religion, Politics, & Biomedical Ethics, Florida State University; Ph.D., Religion – Religion & Politics, Florida State University


American Society of Bioethics + Humanities (1998 – Present); AAMC Government Relations Representatives (2010 – Present); Florida Clearinghouse on Human Services (1985 – Present); American Academy of Religion (1996 – Present); American Society of Church History (2003 – Present); Society for Christian Ethics (2007 – Present); Florida Historical Society (2010 – Present); Florida Council on Aging Legislative Committee (2011- Present)

Research Focus

Research focus includes biomedical ethics, health policy, Medicaid policy, political philosophy, friendship research, gender politics, and American religious history. Dissertation title: "Religion, Sex & Politics: The Story of the Equal Rights Amendment in Florida"