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January 2018
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"Contextual Neurocircuitry in PTSD" - Israel Liberzon
5 6
Windows updates installation deadline for PA/MED students
Racism Awareness Week
Case Based Ethics in Medicine

Racism Awareness Week
Seminar Series-Fanxiu Zhu

Racism Awareness Week
IAMSE Webcast

Racism Awareness Week

"Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Crossing the Cultural Divide to Talk About Race & Racism in Academic Medicine" - David Acosta, M.D.
Racism Awareness Week
14 15 16
Intoduction to the FSU COM Education Program
17 18
The Application of Emotional Intelligence to Medical Student Development

IAMSE Webcast
Human Trafficking: A Call to Action for Health Care Professional

"Endocrine disrupting activity associated with unconventional oil and gas extraction" - Susan Nagel, PhD

Physician Assistant Class of 2019 White Coat Ceremony
OIT January Server Maintenance
21 22
Health Care Professional/Attorney Collaboration on Behalf of Patients and Clients
Faculty Development Workshop: Mobile Apps
Seminar Series-Xianshu Yang, Merck
IAMSE Webcast

Downloading Programs to your Mobile Device
26 27
28 29
Mini Match
30 31
Seminar Series-Min Zhuo, University of Toronto