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Informatics-Introduction to the Maguire e-Library and Mobile Resources

Start Date: 04/25/2017
End Date: 04/25/2017
Start Time: 4:00 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Daytona Beach Regional Campus Building
Area: Daytona Beach Regional Campus
Event Type: Workshop
Audience: Clerkship Faculty
Description: Presenter: Dr. George Bernardo 4-6 Loading 2 CME. 6-8 Intro to Library 2 CME. Objectives:1. Explain the advantages of having an e-library as compared to a traditional library. 2. Record their username and password. 3. Access the e-library from their home or office via EZProxy. 4. Navigate the Maguire Medical library website. 5. Describe how accessing the e-library can be useful as a clinical resource and a teaching resource. 6. Systematically navigate the e-library in order to locate and browse resources of choice. 7. Name the FSUCOM librarians and access that area of the library web page where a request can be made to those individuals for help when needed. 8. Name those individuals who can helpful relative to PDA resources. 9. Create a user name and password for MD Consult and conduct a basic search. 10.Locate patient information from at least two library e-resources. 11. Explain in very broad terms what is covered in the FSUCOM student curriculum.

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