Each Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow receives a minimum of two hours weekly of formal supervision by a Licensed Psychologist/FSUCOM Faculty Member. One hour is for individual review of cases and one hour is live in-clinic one-to-one consultation. Additionally, all fellows participate in weekly case consultation seminar where they are supervised on presentation skills for medical settings and case consultations. Supervisors are assigned to each rotation based on their expertise within that specialty domain and patient population. All supervisors follow an “open door” policy and are readily available for additional supervision/consultation sessions, as needed. In fact, the structure and content of supervision in Primary Care often mirrors the pace and structure of the Primary Care setting. Such supervision is flexible and often-time occurs in real-time. For example, supervisory consultations may include questions regarding diagnostic clarification, treatment planning, care coordination, appropriate triage, and practice management. All medical documentation in the medical record is co-signed by a supervisor who provides ongoing feedback / supervision regarding case conceptualization, diagnosis, treatment plan and documentation. Furthermore, the content of supervision in primary care is not exclusively about the treatment of patients. Working in primary care adds layers of complexity to interprofessional practice, ethics, and practice management – all of which are addressed during the supervision process. Fellows sign a supervision agreement with the Program Director at the start of the Fellowship. The agreement is co-signed by all supervisors. Additionally, starting in December of Year 2, fellows meet monthly with the Program Director for individual professional development / mentoring in preparation for the transition to independent practice / employment.