Healthcare Professionals & Trainees

We are working to help transform clinical environments to integrated geriatric and primary care delivery systems. Information below can be used to train providers and staff on addressing the health needs of older adults in community-based and long-term care settings. Educational materials provide evidence-based best-practice information. Modules assess knowledge, enhance skills, and model desired clinical behaviors.

Please contact the NCF-GWEP Coordinator to let us know if you are using any of these materials at your organization and please credit the source. 

 Interactive Online Learning Modules

Influenza Prevention and Containment for Older Adult Populations   

Influenza link to module

Pain Assessment and Management for Older Adult Patients 

Pain link to module

Communication with Older Adults This is a interactive online training presentation for health clinic staff. 

Communicating with Older Adults  link to training presentation

Training and Quality Improvement Materials for Community-Based Health Clinics

Medications- These training presentations and materials focus on medications older adults should avoid and how to reduce drug-related problems.

Medications in Older Adults Training Presentation (pptx)

High Risk Drugs (Obtained from The Dartmouth Institute) (pdf)


Geriatrics Assessment- This training presentation introduces the various geriatrics assessments for assessing cognitive, affective, mobility, frailty, and other domains in older adult patients.  Geriatrics Assessments Training Presentation (pdf)

Timed Up and Go  fall risk screening tool (Obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (pdf)

Orthostatic Hypotension (Obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (pdf)

Goal Directed Care/Advance Care Planning- These presentations describe the difference between goal-directed care and guideline-directed care and support advance care planning and rest of life care decision making conversations. 

Integrating Goal-Directed Care Discussions Into Routine Care Training Presentation (pdf)

Advance Directives and Advance Care Planning Training Presentation (pdf)

 ACP Decisions Family Checklist  (Obtained from the Nous Foundation, Inc.)  Family Checklist in Spanish (Obtained from the Nous Foundation, Inc.) (pdf)


Documentation and Billing to Support Integrated Geriatrics Primary Care-

Geriatrics Social History Electronic Health Record template (pdf)

Advance Care Planning Billing (Obtained from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) (pdf)

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (Obtained from the U. S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) (pdf)

QAPI How to Build a Health Quality Data Dashboard (Obtained from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) (pdf)

Ready to Deliver Community-Based Presentations for Older Adult Audiences

Each module consists of evidence-based information, instructions for interactive delivery methods, individualized patient application and activation materials, and participant evaluation forms. Utilize these ready-made presentations to meet the health information needs of adults in your area!

Brain Health Presentation

Brain Health (pdf)

Audience Handouts (pdf)

Falls Prevention Presentation

Falls Prevention(pdf)

Audience Handouts:

       Notes and Action Plan Page (pdf)

       Fall Risk Checklist and Chair Rise Exercise (Obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)(pdf)

Taking Care of Your Heart Presentation

Taking Care of Your Heart (pptx)

 Audience Handouts:

         Notes and Action Plan (pdf)

         Warning Signs and Checklist (Adapted from the American Heart Association)(pdf)

Getting Your Affairs in Order (Advance Care Planning) Presentation

Getting Your Affairs in Order (pptx)

Audience Handouts 

         Notes and Action Plan(docx)

         Key Terms (pdf)

Prevent Opioid Misuse and Abuse 

Prevent Opioid Misuse and Abuse (pptx)

Audience Handouts 

         Notes and Action Plan (docx)

         Know Your Rights Risks and Responsibilities (Obtained from Allied Against Opioid Abuse) (pdf)