Program AIMS


Each resident who completes our family medicine residency program will develop the core competencies of an exemplary and compassionate physician in the following areas:

  • Patient-Centered Health Care
  • Medical Knowledge
  • System-based Practice
  • Practice-Based Learning & Improvement
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Community Involvement & Diversity

Our residents will provide comprehensive and compassionate care to patients in various clinical settings by:

  • Incorporating screening and prevention guidelines throughout patient care visits
  • Implementing high value and comprehensive plans to maintain and promote health while incorporating psychosocial factors and other determinants of health
  • Independently coordinating the care for acutely ill patients by engaging the multidisciplinary teams, directing the use of resources, and implementing strategies to address psychosocial factors
  • Incorporating evidencebased medicine in the management of patients with chronic condition, while facilitating efforts at self-management and leading multidisciplinary initiatives
  • Coordinating collaborative treatment plans for patients and using multidisciplinary resources
  • Acquiring the skills to independently perform procedures and collaborating with procedural colleagues to guide patie

Our residents will be knowledgeable in the broad scope of medicine and apply this knowledge to patient care by:

  • Integrating clinical experience and comprehensive knowledge in the management of patients
  • Synthesizing information to attain accurate diagnoses and reassessing to modify the treatment plan o

Our residents will be patient advocates who provide valuable and quality care that is accessible to the patient by:

  • Analyzing patient safety events and implementing quality improvement projects to improve outcomes
  • Coordinating patientcentered care, advocating for safe and effective transitions of care, and participating in change to provide for the needs of specific populations
  • Managing various components of the healthcare system and advocating for patient care needs to provide efficient and effective treatment plans
  • Accessing advocacy tools and resources to achieve policy change

Our residents will effectively evaluate patients, utilize evidence based medicine, and constantly improve patient care by:

  • Critically analyzing evidence to guide patient care and tailoring it to the individual patient
  • Consistently seeking feedback to learn and improve upon

Our residents will adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and respect by:

  • Demonstrating ethical and professional behaviors, recognizing situations that may trigger professionalism lapses, and intervening to prevent lapses in self and others
  • Recognizing and addressing situations that may affect others to complete tasks and responsibilities
  • Independently optimizing personal and professional wellbeing

Our residents will demonstrate effective communication with patients, family and the care team by:

  • Maintaining therapeutic relationships and using shared decision making to develop a personalized care plan
  • Coordinating recommendations from the healthcare team to optimize patient care, resolve conflict and communicate feedback
  • Demonstrating efficiency in documenting patient encounters, managing the volume and extent of written and verbal communication, and initiating difficult conversations to improve the healthcare system

Our residents will actively engage in the community and across diverse populations by:

  • Working with the medically underserved, minority and rural populations
  • Having opportunities to train internationally in resourcepoor environments
  • Partnering with local communities, schools and other institutions to meet their health care needs