Upcoming Events

Date Title Location Event Type
Jan 14, 2019 Racism Awareness Week
Jan 18, 2019 Class of 2020 PA White Coat Ceremony Opperman Music Hall
Jan 28, 2019 PA Class of 2020 Mini Match College of Medicine Atrium
Feb 08, 2019 15th Annual Research Fair College of Medicine Atrium
Mar 15, 2019 Class of 2019 Match Day Ceremony Ruby Diamond Concert Hall
Mar 25, 2019 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest Deadline
Apr 07, 2019 Kickin' it for Autism soccer clinic FSU Soccer Complex
Apr 13, 2019 Word of South: a festival of literature and music Cascades Park - Club Downunder Stage
Apr 16, 2019 ISL Brown Bag Series: Martina Luchetti Psychology Building - Room A211 (1107 W. Call St.)
Apr 18, 2019 Supernovas and the expansion of the universe Durell Peaden Auditorium
May 17, 2019 M.D. Class of 2019 GHHS ceremony, Matt Wittman remembrance and graduation awards ceremony
Aug 16, 2019 Mental Health First Aid course College of Medicine