Here is a list of our facutly members who have recieved research grants.

Faculty Member Grant Title Sponsor
Michael Blaber, Ph.D. Regulation of Inflammation by Kallikrein -Receptor Mediated Events Mayo Clinic / NIH
Michael Blaber, Ph.D. Regulation and Function of Kallikreins in Spinal Cord Injury and Repair Mayo Clinic / NIH
Michael Blaber, Ph.D. CNS-Specific Kallikrein Interactions With Pa System NIH
Suzanne Cappendijk, Ph.D. Nicontinic Therapy Used in Cognitive Disorder Treatment FSU Internal Grant
Jamila Horabin, Ph.D. RNA Induced Silencing Complex in Sex Determination NIH
Mohamed Kabbaj, Ph.D. Epigenetics of Social Bonding NIH
Mohamed Kabbaj, Ph.D. Epigenetics of Social Defeat NIH
Yoichi Kato, M.D., Ph.D. The Mechanism of Notch Signaling Pathway in Radial Glial Development NIH
Sanjay Kumar, M.S., Ph.D. Role of Presubiculum in Temporal Lobe Epileptogenesis Epilepsy Foundation
Choogon Lee, Ph.D. Roles of Casein Kinase Ie/D and B-Trcp in the Mammalian NIH
Cathy Levenson, Ph.D. Development of Sensitive Fluorescent Probes for Physiological Zinc over Large Concentration Ranges NIH
Timothy Megraw, Ph.D. Centrosomin and Centrosomes in Cell Division NIH
Branko Stefanovic, Ph.D. Regulation of Type 1 Collagen in Hepatic Fibrosis NIH
Yanchang Wang, Ph.D. Investigate the negative Regulation of Cyclin Dependent Kinase American Cancer Society
Yi Zhou, Ph.D. Regulation of Neurotransmissions in Sympathetic Neurons: Function of the 14-3-3/Ca Channel Interaction American Heart Association
Yi Zhou, Ph.D. Functions of the N-Type Ca Channel / 14-3-3 Interaction NIH