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Maternal Health Research & Community Engagement Program


Consistenly we receive feedback from clinicians that they feel underprepared to act when they encounter a patient who exhibits symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. They don't know how to screen, what the best referrals are, or what treatments are safe, particularly if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Similarly, we hear feedback from survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and their families that they feel undereducated. Often, they don't realize that their feelings are more serious and of longer duration than the "baby blues." They don't want to admit to what's going on in their heads for fear of sounding crazy and having someone question their fitness as a mother.

Because of these themes consistently emerging, we created an online toolkit to be used both by women and their partners and families AND by clinicians to guide them in recognizing risk factors and symptoms, screening, treatment, referrals and resources, and self-care.

You can visit this site at: 

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