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Molecular Structure & Function

Faculty in the Molecular Structure and Function Node investigate how the sequences and structures of proteins and nucleic acids encode their biological functions at the level of the molecule and the cell.

Investigators use approaches spanning biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, and protein engineering to understand macromolecular structure-function relationships, and to apply this knowledge for drug discovery and development.

  Michael Blaber Ph.D.
Protein engineering & enzymology with application to angiogenesis & inflammation.

 Myra M. Hurt Ph.D. 
Molecular regulation of the cell division cycle.

  Sanjay S Kumar M.S., Ph.D. 
Synaptic physiology underlying cortical function and epilepsy.

  David Meckes Ph.D. 
Molecular pathogenesis of Epstein-Barr Virus-associated cancers.

  Jose R Pinto Ph.D.
Cardiac and skeletal muscle regulation and inherited diseases. Molecular basis of striated muscle contraction.

  Branko Stefanovic Ph.D.
Molecular mechanisms of liver fibrosis.

  Robert J Tomko Jr. Ph.D. 
Regulation of proteasome assembly and function in health and disease; design principles governing assembly of multiprotein complexes.

 Yi Zhou Ph.D. 
Molecular, biochemical and electrophysiological analysis of neuronal ion channel function.