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Class Gifts

 Dear Class of 2017,

With graduation behind us, soon we’ll be heading in different directions to begin residency training. This period of transition gives us an opportunity to consider not just what our medical school experience taught us but what our place will be in the history of the FSU College of Medicine.

While our own medical-school journey is still fresh in our minds, we’re asking you to consider a symbolic gift to support the FSU medical students who will follow in our footsteps. By giving $20.17 to the FSU Medical Alumni Fund, you can demonstrate our class’s belief in the effort to continually produce a diverse student body much like our own.

Scholarships awarded through this fund, which also supports alumni activities, will go to future FSU medical students facing particularly difficult financial challenges. We hope you’ll consider giving to ensure that the invaluable College of Medicine experience will be available to future generations.

You may give online at anytime, and any amount is accepted. (Be sure to click FSU Medical Alumni Relations Fund F07908.) Our goal is strong class participation. So even if you can only give a little, please consider doing so on behalf of the Class of 2017.

The College of Medicine’s primary funding is necessarily directed toward ensuring a quality medical education. Private gifts, both large and small, are vital to providing scholarship assistance, which is particularly important for a school with our mission. As you know, many students at our medical school travel a nontraditional path. While the College of Medicine’s tuition is among the lowest 20 percent nationally, many students have no financial support from home.

Support for such future students is our way of encouraging those who follow in our path.

Best wishes,

Alessandra Taylor                Stacy Ranson              Rodolfo Loureiro
Class President                    Class Secretary           Class Treasurer