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Ten honored as Chapman Scholars

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September 2017

Five students apiece from the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020 have been selected for Chapman Humanism Scholarships.

From the Class of 2019: Shelbi Brown (also selected in 2016), Sam Cook (also selected in 2016), Charlie Ingram, Cory Nonnemacher and Stephanie Rolon Rodriguez.

From the Class of 2020: Nicholas Adams, Paige Blinn, Arjith Rathakrishnan (pictured here), D’Andre Williams and Stephanie Williams.

The $2,000 scholarships were awarded by the Jules B. Chapman, M.D., and Annie Lou Chapman Private Foundation based on their ability to communicate with patients in a sincere and humanistic way. They were nominated largely by the standardized patients in the Clinical Learning Center.

In October, a plaque was hung in the CLC with the names and faces of the latest recipients. It will be updated annually with the names and faces of new honorees.