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Faculty recognized for 10 years of teaching

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At the Fort Pierce campus 10th anniversary celebration, several faculty were awarded certificates for ten years of service to the FSU College of Medicine.  Our clerkship faculty are vital to our community-based model of education and the campus truly appreciates their support!

In photo, L-R: Dr. Juliette Lomax-Homier, Dr. Nancy Baker, Dr. Heidi McNaney-Flint, Dr. Ian Boykin, Dr. Ken Bridges, Dr. Michael Jampol, Dr. Bill Hood, Dr. David Kanter, Dr. Saeed Khan, Dr. John Lanza, Dr. Dennis Saver, Dr. Joshua Shipley, Dr. Genon Wicina

Missing from photo: Ney Andujar, MD, Adam Ball, MD, Felix Bigay, MD, Bernice Burkarth, MD, William Carlson, MD, Curtis Dalili, MD, Dwight Dawkins, MD, Paul Gaeta, MD, Michael Gilels, MD, Bernard Ginsberg, MD, Richard Hays, MD, Michael Jampol, MD, Beauvais Laguerre, MD, Wilhelmina Lewis, MD, Jeffrey Livingston, MD, Jimmy Lockhart, MD, Rene Loyola, MD, George Mitchell, DO, Marc Rose, MD, Lynn Scheel, MD, Allen Seeger, MD, Robert Sellards, MD, Humayan Shareef, DO, Chris Slack, MD, Nilda Soto, MD, Carl Zollicoffer, MD