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Jeck elected chair of the FMA Medical Student Section

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From an early age Lauren Jeck knew she wanted to be involved in politics. After breaking a familial tradition of legal careers to become a physician, Jeck focused her extracurricular attention on the Florida Medical Association, where she could combine her passions for politics and medicine.

Now, she has been elected chair of the Medical Student Section of the organization.

“The concept of justice is in my blood,” said the third-year student. “My goal is to be of service to all students, motivating and inspiring them, so that we can be a united medical organization that has a diverse background of opinions and ideas with one goal of justice for our patients and practice.”

Jeck served as executive-at-large for the American Medical Association-Florida Medical Association student organization during her first year as a medical student. During her second year, she became president of the same organization, vice chair of legislation for the FMA Medical Student Section and helped lobby for the passage of the Infectious Disease Elimination Act in the Florida Legislature, which became law.

Most recently, she was nominated and then elected chair of the FMA Medical Student Section by representatives from Florida medical schools and will serve a one-year term.

“I will organize and preside over all meetings of the Governing Council, which includes representatives from each Florida medical school and one osteopathic school, and Executive Committee meetings of the Medical Student Section,” said Jeck. “I will also coordinate the Florida Caucus at meetings of the American Medical Association and organize and preside over the Florida Legislative Visit Day during spring session, inviting Florida medical students to participate in health care policy change.”