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Class of 2020 officers selected

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Class of 2020 officers were selected recently. They are:

•  President Tyra Brune (seen above)
•  Vice President Olivia Donnelly
•  Secretary Reema Tawfiq
•  Treasurer Murali Iyyani
•  Year 1 & 2 Curriculum
   Committee Representative
Alex Baradei
•  Curriculum Committee

Abbey Goodyear
•  Council on Diversity and
   Inclusion Representative

Efe Cudjoe
•  Social Chairs Kevin Gil, Chris Hahn
•  Historian Chairs Hansley Bobo, Shannon Lyons
•  Hospitality Chairs Nick Casler, Kelcey Day
•  Gala Chairs Jordan Carbono, Nora Waryoba
•  Community Outreach Chairs Matt Hager, Morrisa Taylor
•  Intramural Chairs Justine Giles, D’Andre Williams
•  IT/Library Committee

Ella Cortinas